The scan itself takes under 2 minutes to produce and print the report. Depending on which price option you have taken, for the scan and brief analysis it will take approximately 15-20 minutes. So quick that you can make an appointment in your lunch hour.

Light clothing is recommended (only from excess weight point of view). Being fully clothed will not alter the analysis only your weight. You do need to remove shoes and socks so that full contact with the skin can be made.

No, there is no right or wrong time to have the scan done. When possible refrain from having a large meal or drink within 1hour of having the scan. This can affect water and weight levels. When this can not be avoided, try and do your next scan as close to the conditions your previous scan was so that there is not too much variance with results.

It is not advisable to do a scan directly after a training session. The reason being is that after you have worked out, there is many chemical changes happening throughout your body and fluid levels also will be altered. If you can come in before your training it would be a more accurate report – but once again if circumstances stop you from coming in prior, then next scan come in at the same time and then possibly if you can get another 2 scans done untrained, you will be able to get a more accurate picture of your internal health.

Because heat can alter a persons’ body composition, it is advisable to not have a shower, sauna or spa prior to.

You can still get the scan done if menstruating but be aware that body water levels may be increased and possibly get a slightly incorrect reading.

No, Bio electrical impedance runs uses very minor currents and is not harmful to the body

It is advisable to refrain from having a scan done when pregnant. Although the electrical current passing through the body is low, it is best to take best care in these circumstances.

The InBody uses unique and patented cutting-edge BIA technology. Unlike other BIA devices, the InBody does not need to rely on statistical data or averages in calculating values since the data it gathers is far more accurate.
The InBody:

  • Directly measures each body part separately.
  • It Is the only BIA device that precisely measures impedance of the trunk or torso area.

Thus, InBody does not need to use statistical data in calculating other values because its results are much more accurate.
Accurately evaluates a wide range of individual, especially those with unique body types such as children, extremely obese physiques, senior adults and athletes.

All of the InBody series have tested ranges for weight, height and age.
Weight Range: 22 - 551 lbs (10 - 250 kg)
Height Range: 3ft 1.4 in - 7ft 2.61 in (95 - 220 cm)
Age Range: 3 - 99 Years
Children 3 yrs or older can be accurately tested with the InBody due to its segmental analysis

No if you have a pacemaker device you are not able to get an Inbody Scan.

You do need to be able to stand as your your hands and feet need to have contact with the electrodes in order for your test to be performed.

You may pay with Cash or Eftpos

Yes there is ample metered parking in Sturt Street or Albert Street.

There are two flights of stairs in the building but unfortunately no elevator.