Why do I need a body composition scan?

You don’t need to be an elite athlete to require an InBody Scan with Ballarat Body Composition. Because of the information this machine will provide you, it can also raise alarm bells with low Bone Mineral Density or high levels of Visceral fat (fat around organs). Both of which are health risks that would need medical attention or changes to exercise and nutrition.

For those who frequent the gym or are athletic and look after their health and wellbeing, the InBody 570 Body Composition Analysis report can help monitor if your current gym program or exercise and nutrition regime is working for you. The report can also assess any imbalances in the limbs of the body, making it great for Personal Trainers and Coaches to be able to prescribe programs for individuals needs. Because the Inbody 570 is medically graded and TGA Approved, it is also beneficial for Physio’s, Doctors, Chiropractors and other health professionals.

It looks beyond BMI and the Bathroom Scale.


The Inbody scan also provides you with information such as:

  1. Total Body Water
  2. Total Fat Free Muscle Mass
  3. Total Fat Mass
  4. Total Skeletal Muscle Mass
  5. Segmental Fat & Muscle Mass in limbs and trunk Region
  6. Nutritional Requirements
  7. Body Composition score…….and much more!


With so many trainers and gyms offering 6 or 12 week Challenges, the Inbody 570 provides information that is important when begin and finish a 6 or 12 week Challenge. Doing these types of challenges are great, but if you are weighing yourself weekly and not getting the consistent weight loss numbers you are after – simply because you are building muscle and changing your body composition, then it gets discouraging. That’s where the Inbody 570 Body Composition Analysis can benefit you….and your sanity.

For some participants in Challenges may only lose 1kg total body weight but have gained 2kgs of muscle and lost cm’s from their frame and completely changed how their body appears. Ballarat Body Composition can help you see the difference in more than just the scales.