About us

Ballarat Body Composition opened its doors in May 2014. The business is located within XZONE HEALTH CLUB - 7/17 Elsworth Street East, Ballarat . There is no need to be a member for you to have a scan done. There is FREE parking onsite

Inbody 570 Analysis Body Composition Machine

Using the Inbody 570 Analysis Body Composition Machine, clients no longer have to travel to Melbourne for scans such as DEXA Direct Segmental Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis which can be time consuming and costly when having to travel out of town.

Ballarat Body Composition offers the service inhouse at XZONE HEALTH CLUB  but we also offer a service where we come to you. It may be to a workplace or a gym or a homebased Personal Training Studio.  There is a minimum requirement of 15 people and prices can be discussed by calling the number on the website.  Ballarat Body Composition is the only  business of its type in Ballarat and surrounding areas that offers the service of Mobile Body Composition Analysis done by the InBody 570 machine and with it 98% correlation with the DEXA, it is proving very popular.

You don’t need to be an elite athlete or be a gym junkie to appreciate what this machine can tell you about your body.

Young, athletic, non-athletic, elderly…..there’s useful information for everybody!